The homeland security & US Patents Administration keeps us in the dark

Purposely for security reasons (or otherwise bluntly said for keeping the power) the USA authorities keeps A LOT of the technological inovation from reacing the consumer.
I accidentally stumbled upon a huge list of hi-tech inovations that are prohibited from being somehow exported from US.

Waait a minute, but those technologies ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO EXIST. Then WTF are they prohibiting the export for?!


Acoustic projectors, including transducers, incorporating piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, electrostrictive, electrodynamic or hydraulic elements operating individually or in a designed combination


MT applies to optical detectors in 6A002.a.1, or a.3 that are “specially designed” or modified to protect “missiles” against nuclear effects (e.g., Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), X-rays, combined blast and thermal effects), and usable for “missiles”


CC applies to police-model infrared viewers in 6A002.c


(1) See USML Category XII(e)for infrared focal plane arrays,…

We transfered most of the site

I believe most of the articles on the site will be transfered soon.

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We encourage you to ask, read about, test, try, challenge, everything you see, hear or t…

Evidence - wave processing stone in antiquity

To understand I am not saying weeds, look into and see about phenomena discovered by John Hutchinson experiments, on this site and around the internet to find out, about levitation and transpozition of the elements under the effect of the waves, because of the cristaline atomic resonance. Basically something more powerful than the cold fusion, clear indication that indeed the first was the word - vibration of God's voice.

Stone blocks processed at a technological level which is difficult or impossible nowadays. Impossible right angles, micro holes around 1-2mm and several meters long, sometimes at an angle (it finds that even without using nanobots SF); and 6m incisions 1mm wide made with a PORTABLE grinder disc 1-2 meters in diameter - disc virtually impossible to build today, because the thin diamond disc with this diameter MUST be at least 1cm thick, otherwise it would break at high speeds; or the strange Mycenae sedimentary rock cuts, with traces parallel as a knife cutting but…

Just let the energy free - let the cell resonate by itself!

This is what we all waited for, a simple, logic and Natural solution to a very apparently difficult problem: "how to put the spike impulse in the cell at the right time?"

Watch the movie and smile. And let the cell rezonate by it`s own pace.

The Secret - Y?

Because Universe`s laws are the same no matter the scale or dimension; only the observer`s position may differ. And these laws say that the forces appear and act in pairs: action and reaction.

Because the 'normal' state is... the ‘non-existence’. The same way the 'negative' electric current (zero-point-energy), exists and flows, as in the theory, temporally reversed, the Universe always mobilizes an opposite force to tranquilize the disturbance, always tending to reinstaurate the ‘normal’ state.

It is so simple: if you emit pozitive 'waves', you attract 'pozitive' 'energies'. I`ve already heard of this. But I had to understand - the hard way. God please forgive my lack of faith!

Well: where does God comes in? As I said, there are a lot of dimensions, and the perception of each of them is limited to the inferior levels. So the channeling makes sense somehow, but is still bullshit (if you want it to be like that - "as you wish"). I wished t…

The Secret - and everything after

Have you ever heard that saying ‘you cannot escape what you fear'?

I wanted 12/2012 to materialize?  - Yes. Most certainly. First I thought it is a joke, but while I studied global scaling theory and the implications of the unified field theory, I realised more and more that we are indeed parts of the flowing whirlpool, like in  Tom Bearden`s metafora. Tesla already noticed that everything that 'exists' has a vibration (he did not measured, but deducted it from the interactions). There were others who measured them: the hairy Hutchinson

The Secret practically says that we are ‘antennas’ emitting ‘vibrations’ that mold the Univers, creating the world we see. Ho’oponopono, the hawaiian healing through forgiveness technique makes more sense now. I knew that it is true, I often used that, but it came quite hard to ask forgiveness from myself - it didn`t make sense. Why am I talking so much about this technique? To emphasize the mechanism, not because I am a doctor - this is a pa…

The Secret - you knew it but were too lasy to do

The Secret - no comment.

I will say only that we live in a world of 'chances'.

Im remember a movie, God told some lady: "if someone prey for patience, do you thing God just gives patince? Or He gives that human the opportunity to be patient? If someone prays for courrage, do you think God will give courage, or the opportunity to be courageous?(..)"

Thus, I think if God loves us so much, He must certainly give us the chances we ask for. We just have to know what and how to ask.

I wonder what`s the mechanism that purifies the mind when one is practicing crestian abstinence...

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